Furnishing Tips from your River Oaks Apartments

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How are you liking your SOLA Uptown River Oaks apartments? We hope you’re feeling right at home, but we understand that it often takes a little while before a new apartment feels like a comfortable home. If you’re stuck in that in-between period where you’re trying to find ways to make your space seem more comfortable, we think we can help.


In this week’s blog post, we’ll be talking about some useful tips that you can use when furnishing your apartment. We’re not going to tell you which couches to buy or how big your coffee table should be, but we are going to provide you with some general guidelines for making an apartment feel more spacious and comfortable. Our hope is that after you read this blog post, you feel like you have the knowledge you need to turn your new place into a home.


Now that we’ve gotten the intro out of the way, let’s dive right into the list of tips! When you finish reading through the post, please do us a favor and share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at your community of apartments in River Oaks.


Make sure your furniture is scaled properly


Whether you’re going to go with large furniture pieces or smaller ones, it’s important that you keep everything to scale. Don’t buy a massive recliner if you’re going to put it next to a small couch. Conversely, we recommend buying a large couch if you’ve got other large pieces to match such as oversized end tables or a big entertainment center. Pay attention to scale when buying your furniture, residents!


Keep it light and bright


The more light hues you have in your home, the more spacious it will feel. While we’ve all been tempted to turn our homes into cozy caves, but that approach won’t help you create a warm, welcoming home. If you want to feel like you have all the space in the world, buy furniture with bright colors like light blue or yellow. Don’t be afraid to keep things light and bright!


Invest in furniture with extra storage.


You’re never going to regret adding storage space to your home. The more storage space you have, the less clutter you’ll have to deal with on a daily basis. That’s why we recommend buying couches that lift up to reveal storage space underneath the cushions, and ottomans that do the same.


We’re all out of furnishing tips to share with you this week, residents! As always, we greatly appreciate those of you who have been coming back month after month to read all the latest brand new blogs from SOLA Uptown River Oaks. We’ll be back with another blog before you know it, we promise! In the time between now and when our next blog goes up live on our website, we encourage you to implement some of the apartment furnishing tips that we’ve laid out above. If you do make use of these tips, please feel free to send us some pictures on social media! We love when residents make good use of our blogs.

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